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    Here’s how working out can help you kick a bad habit»

    http://cdn-mf1.heartyhosting.com/sites/mensfitness.com/files/man-boxing-1280.jpgIf you’re hooked to one of the deadliest bad habits—like binge-eating artery-clogging foods, drinking alcohol in excess, or smoking cigarettes—and these vices have a hold on your self-control, then the best fix might be a little sweat therapy. That’s right: …more»

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    Why you need to be more Flexible»

    Men encouraged to get to the yoga studio on International Yoga Day There’s a reason why Australians are bending over backwards to get to the yoga studio… According to the Australian Psychological Society, Australians who often or always engage in …more»

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    A vegetarian diet could help you lose twice as much fat»

    Most of us could stand to lose a few kilos, even it if just five or 10. But it’s often hard to get started when you stick to your same old routines of cooking and eating the same foods, and …more»

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    10 workouts you can do with 2 dumbbells»

    http://cdn-mf0.heartyhosting.com/sites/mensfitness.com/files/1280-curl-dumbbells.jpgA component of many great resistance training programs, dumbbells are an undeniably effective training tool. Aside from helping you build strength and promoting hypertrophy, they will hammer your stabiliser muscles and may also address muscle imbalances since they allow you to perform a combination of lateral and bilateral …more»

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    How to be the greatest best man of all time»

    Your friend got the girl, bought a ring, and dropped a knee. Now he’s bestowing the honor of best man upon you. Awesome. Now that you’re the official best man, you’re scheming the ultimate boozy lose-all-your-inhibitions-and-maybe-your-dignity bachelor party (and here’s …more»

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Gym Fungus and other problems.

The following three products are available in chemists around Australia. All information has been supplied from First Pharma press and product releases. Excilor Protector Spray Excilor Protector Spray 3 in 1 is the first and only medical device for the …



RETRACTION An advertisement for Hydrodol, which we published on this website, should not have been published. In the advertisement we unlawfully made claims that the product will prevent hangovers and the wording of the advertisement as a whole amounted to …


Q&A with Ironman Triathlon World Champion Pete Jacobs

Through battling fatigue since a teenager, and turning that weakness into his strength, Pete has learnt many lessons, is still learning, and is still driven to win another Hawaii Ironman and discover how to get more from his body. Pete …

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The Supp Revolution

KETOSIS IN 30 MINUTES WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE TO CARBS? THE SUPPLEMENT THAT HAS REVOLUTIONISED THE FITNESS WORLD The Ketogenic diet, ketones and ketosis are all buzzwords in the fitness world right now. However up until recently, reaching the “divine” state …



Win a “xXx-extreme sports pack”  xXx: Return of Xander Cage, is arguably the #1 extreme sports film and one of the highest grossing action franchises starring Vin Diesel, Samuel L Jackson, Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose and Toni Colette. The blockbuster …

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Too Many Pricks.

A fantastic insight into 14 regular Aussie blokes who have raised more than $95k for Type 1 Diabetes awareness through fitness, exercise and a hell of a lot of running. Who are the Too Many Pricks Athletic Club? And what are …