• The Opposite Sex»

    7 compliments she really wants to hear»

    http://cdn-mf0.heartyhosting.com/sites/mensfitness.com/files/dating-compliments-1280.jpgQuick: What’s your go-to compliment when you’re talking to a woman? Probably some iteration of You’re so beautiful/gorgeous/sexy, right? She’s got the perfect smile and can wear the hell out of a dress. Well, even if she does, stop making …more»

  • Weight Loss»

    BREAKING NEWS: For weight loss, you can’t beat a whole-food, plant-based diet»

    http://cdn-mf0.heartyhosting.com/sites/mensfitness.com/files/bowl-vegetables-1280_0.jpgBREAKING NEWS: When it’s time to get serious about dropping some pounds, it usually means figuring out how many calories your body needs, then getting down to the nitty-gritty of counting every single calorie. Without that guidance, it’s easy to …more»

  • Workouts»

    The best dumbbell-only shoulder workout»

    http://cdn-mf0.heartyhosting.com/sites/mensfitness.com/files/1280-shoulder-raise.jpgYour average trainer can think of only two ways to work your shoulders with dumbbells—presses and raises. And while those work just find, they’re hardly the end-all-be-all of shoulder training. We’ve got a third to add to the mix—and this …more»

  • Bones»

    Lifting and plyometrics are perfect for building your bones»

    http://cdn-mf1.heartyhosting.com/sites/mensfitness.com/files/back-squat-barbell-1280.jpgMost dudes don’t think about bone health. They may think about boner health, but not about the need to challenge and stress your skeleton to keep it strong throughout your life. After all, only old people have to worry about …more»

  • Health & Nutrition»

    Why your diet is key to fitness»

    Eat Your Favourite Foods, Just Healthier! Have you had that sinking feeling in your stomach of disappointment when you look down around your waist and remember how you caved on your New Years Exercise Resolution? How about that weekend over Easter where …more»

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The 2017 Fit Bloke Challenge

Reckon you’re the fittest guy in your gym? Put it to the test at the Men’s Fitness 2017 Fit Bloke Challenge.
More info click on this link.



Cycling Around Australia

In a few months from now Aussie Ben Woods is off to break a World Record: “Longest journey by bicycle in a single country” currently held by Prasad Erande who cycled 14,576km in India. Departing from Sydney and cycling around Australia …


Skin Fitness Resolutions

While it’s true, there’s never a better time to make a resolution to improve your fitness, than the first day of a new year, it’s never too late to take on a new resolution to improve the look and feel …


Are You Tough Enough?

The Tough Bloke Challenge is open to men and women who wish to confront a hellish assault course in a test of strength and endurance. Reputed to be one of the most gruelling adventure runs found anywhere in Australia, you …


Rev up your Recovery

Building muscle and getting stronger aren’t just about pumping iron. Planned recovery is just as important. Here are two pretty unique top-line products that aim to alleviate workout pain, boost muscle growth and get you back in the gym sooner rather than later. Pickle juice Dehydrated athletes experienced faster relief from muscle cramps after drinking …


Do you have what it takes?

MILITARY INSPIRED OBSTACLE CHALLENGE. A True Grit course is 10-12km in length with 30+ obstacles around a course that highlights regional natural terrain. Their aim is to deliver a truly unique experience to those that dare. COURSE DESIGN. The obstacle …



Reckon you’re the fittest guy in your gym? Put it to the test at the Men’s Fitness 2017 Fit Bloke Challenge. If you win, you’ll not only appear in the pages of Men’s Fitness but you’ll head home with a …