Life is too short for hangovers!

Revivol: The main ingredient in your party survival kit this Silly Season  


Do you often find yourself waking up from a big night out, frantically Googling hangover cures and wishing you’d planned ahead? The all-natural, Australian-made hangover preventative Revivol is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Specifically designed to replenish the vitamins lost through alcohol consumption, Revivol provides nutritional support to help you withstand the effects of a good night out. It includes ingredients that support healthy liver function and the liver detoxification process and fights fatigue also which helps you enjoy the next day!


“Next day insurance”

“Reduces the hangover horrors! Wake up feeling great, expecting the pain and nausea to hit at any time, but it doesn’t! What have you got to lose but a hangover!”

-Megan, NSW

Every regular partygoer has their own party survival guide, whether it’s a bright lipstick or a pack of gum, however as word spreads about the results of Revivol it’s quickly becoming the main ingredient in party kits nation-wide.

Revivol is certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and each capsule contains 18 all-natural ingredients, including Milk Thistle (traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine as a liver tonic to support liver health), and Guarana (targeting energy production and helping to maintain general wellbeing).

It also packs in the B vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B9, B12), necessary for energy production, supporting the health and function of the nervous system and brain, and beneficial in times of stress.

“Try. It. Now!”

“Revivol was a product that I was pretty sceptical about initially. But having tried it several times including a decent session on high alcohol content German beers, I am a convert. It worked extremely well.”

-Gavin NSW

But if it’s too late and you’re already battling a hangover without Revivol handy, we have two pieces of advice: check out our hangover cure dos & don’ts list here then get online or head to your nearest stockist to pick up a pack.

And with time fast running out to buy your Christmas gifts, why not also stock up on Revivol for your loved ones. They’ll adore you for it.

Revivol comesin capsule form and for best results 2 to 3 should be taken with your first drink. It comes in 8 and 16 capsule packs (RRP $9.95 and $14.95) and now a handy single dose pack ($4.95) and is available nationally through selected pharmacies and at

Life is too short for hangovers!

Always read the label and only use as directed. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. Revivol Hangover Formula supports responsible drinking and is recommended for light to moderate drinkers of alcohol only.

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