Too Many Pricks.

A fantastic insight into 14 regular Aussie blokes who have raised more than $95k for Type 1 Diabetes awareness through fitness, exercise and a hell of a lot of running.

Who are the Too Many Pricks Athletic Club? And what are they up to…?

A collection of unlikely athletes who have banded together for a common cause. They’re running one of the world’s toughest ultra marathons on May 20th, in the Blue Mountains, West of Sydney, to raise funds and awareness around the auto-immune disease Type 1 diabetes.  Battling through 100km is a gruelling and some say monumental effort, (especially when the predicted temperature is forecast to drop to -1 degrees Celsius during the race), however this 24 hours of pain does not even register when you are talk to Type 1 diabetics whose lives are a constant battle of managing blood sugar levels, injections, finger pricks, food intake, exercise etc. They want to see a world in which there are no more pricks and we are banding together to find a cure!

The groups efforts have in the past 9 months raised $95,000, and with the race in just over a week they hope to hit the $100,000 mark before they take to the start line.

The impressive thing about what these 14 guys are doing is the fact that this is not just a one off event to raise as much money as possible, they see this as the stepping stone to deliver greater awareness to Type 1 diabetes and to provide a platform for everyone to improve their health and fitness and quality of life through what they call the Too Many Pricks Athletic Club.

So what is the TMP Athletic Club:

This a club for all people. Whether you’re diabetic or not, whether you’re a first-time athlete or a sub-3hr marathon runner, we want people to join our club and through the medium of sport we help raise and funds and awareness for diabetics.

Why create the TMP Athletic Club:

As it stands, there is currently no independent dedicated sports organisation in Australia that aims to raise both funds as well as encourage an active life style for everyday diabetics. The closest example is Can Too, which is a Health Promotion Foundation for the cancer community. Since its inception nine years ago, Can Too has raised over $14m and has had over 9,500 participants trained. Currently in Australia there 4x the number of people living with diabetes vs cancer and we believe a great opportunity exists to give all diabetics the chance to improve their lives through this platform, which combines fitness, exercise, awareness and fundraising.

What’s required as TMP Athletic Club member:

If you want to train for the New York marathon, do so as TMP Athletic Club Member. You’re competing in your first City2Surf to show your son that diabetics can live an active lifestyle, do so as a TMP Athletic Club Member. It doesn’t matter what activity you are doing, we will provide members with a platform to raise both funds and awareness.

Partner with TMP Athletic Club:

The crew at TMP Athlete Club aim to grow the clubs base both through organic grass roots events as well as by partnering with sponsors that share our values and beliefs. Within our community of athletes we want to create a community of sponsors, covering key elements such as apparel, nutrition, equipment and body health.