Are You Tough Enough?

The Tough Bloke Challenge is open to men and women who wish to confront a hellish assault course in a test of strength and endurance. Reputed to be one of the most gruelling adventure runs found anywhere in Australia, you …

Time for a Holiday?

New Caledonia is one of the closest Pacific neighbours to Australia and yet many Aussies still don’t know much about this island destination right next door.

Get Up Stand Up

At MF, we love a surf, so we were “skeptical” about paddleboarding. We decided to spend a day on the water, putting the increasingly popular sport to the test.

Mount Kenya

MF’s Jon Lipsey scales Africa’s second-highest peak.

Might As Well Jump

The professional daredevils think nothing of plunging 27 metres while performing stunning acrobatics.

Heavy Duty

Strongman contests aren’t just for blokes who can pull a plane.

Last Action Hero

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a stunt man? MF found out.

Sympathy For The Devil

Over five gruelling days, Bruce Newton ran, biked, paddled and swam the 350km Mark Webber Challenge.

Wake on the Wild Side

For pro rider Josh Sanders, the appeal of wakeboarding lies in always learning.

Off-Road Rage

Wake up and smell the dirt: the new boom sport of trail running is gathering more dust than a wildebeest migration.

Closer to the Sun

You thought the peak of Everest was Earth’s highest point? Think again. Damian Hall climbs to the heavens on the dormant Ecuadoran volcano Chimborazo.

Racing at 50 Below Zero

Mark Hines braves 700km of -50˚C temperatures, treacherous trails and killer ice in the frozen north.