Racing at 50 Below Zero

Mark Hines braves 700km of -50˚C temperatures, treacherous trails and killer ice in the frozen north.

The Toughest Race On Earth

Most sane people wouldn’t take part in a 230km race – especially if it took place in the Sahara Desert. MF’s Tarquin Cooper takes on the fearsome Marathon des Sables.

Raging waterfall

Extreme Feats – Kayak Plunge

What’s it like to freefall 58 metres over a raging waterfall – and survive? Paddling phenomenon Tyler Bradt can tell you.

Corbis in Triathlon

Fit For Adventure

Cyclone Yasi earlier this year may have wrecked a few people’s ideas about sunny tropical Far North Queensland, but when MF’s Tim Spicer flew in to explore – he found an adventure-filled playground that blew him away.

God Of The Skies

Felix Baumgartner will throw himself from the edge of space into a 36km freefall that will break the speed of sound. We just had to ask: why?

How To Survive An Avalanche

Doing a little backcountry exploration? Here are Jones’ top five tips for making it back to the lodge alive.