Score Your Fitness

Take MF’s seven tests to find out how fit you are and what you need to do to improve.

Climb for Cardio

Hit the wall for a fitter, leaner body.

Never Get Tired

Condition yourself like a cage fighter.

Built For Speed

Power, speed and the right refuelling strategy are crucial.

Hit your fitness targets

Setting yourself a goal is a seriously effective motivation tool. Here are MF’s expert tips.

Couch to Competitor

It’s never too late to start the transition from lazy to laced up.

The 7 Laws of Fitness

Follow these laws to always be in shape.

The Barefoot Revolution

The popularity of barefoot running has exploded in recent years. But why? Are the claimed benefits real? And should everyone try it?

Drag Star

Load up a weight sled and drive your heart rate through the roof.

Fitness To Burn

Formula One race-car drivers need the fitness of a triathlete and the strength of a rugby front-rower. Joshua Dowling goes behind the machine that is F1 star Mark Webber.

Boost Your Squat

A foolproof way to instantly improve your lifting power.

Fitness App

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