Q&A with Ironman Triathlon World Champion Pete Jacobs

Through battling fatigue since a teenager, and turning that weakness into his strength, Pete has learnt many lessons, is still learning, and is still driven to win another Hawaii Ironman and discover how to get more from his body. Pete …

Bourne Again

if you’ve seen The Bourne Supremacy, there’s one scene you probably remember. While his girlfriend rifles through his diaries looking for clues about his CIA-wetwork past, Jason Bourne, still battling flashbacks, is working out his frustrations with a run along …

The Man Challenge: How Trav lost 28 kilograms

Created by Rugby League legend Adam Macdougall, The Man Challenge is a 10 week exercise and food program. It is designed for real blokes who don’t have the time or find the idea of losing weight too confusing and difficult. Mat …

John Cena’s World

He’s no Steve Austin or The Rock. He’s John Cena and he is professional wrestling in 2013.

Fighting Smart

How British UFC star Jimi Manuwa builds the strength to endure punishing fights.

Amazing Grace

Grace Musgrove is tipped to be the new poster girl for Australian triathlon.

Fish Out of Water

Michael Phelps tells MF about what’s next for him.

Ripped to Ride

Regarded as one of the fittest men on the pro surfing tour, MF talks to gun Aussie surfer, Owen Wright.

Little Wizard

Lionel Messi tells MF how he overcame adversity on his journey to become one of the all-time greats.

In The Shadows

Former world champion boxer Shannan Taylor has fought many tough fights but none harder than to rebuild his shattered life.

Stacy Keibler

Who is Stacy Keibler and why is she creating a commotion in your trousers? Your questions answered.

Holmes Improvement

Robert Downey Junior flexes his box-office muscle.