What to look for in cardio equipment for the home

The thought of slogging away on a treadmill can seem torturous, but whether you’re trying to bulk up or cut fat, cardio workouts improve aerobic and muscular endurance. Like it or not, the right equipment at home can accelerate your …

5 Ways to Tone Abs

5 Ways to Tone Abs Whether you are male or female, having toned abs is everyone’s dream. In order to get the perfect abs, you may have to do a considerable amount of exercise, but once you see the results, …

8 Ways To Get More Out of Your Workout

8 Ways To Get More Out of Your Workout So you’ve decided to change your unhealthy ways. You got yourself a shiny new gym membership and swore you’re going to lose those love handles and gain some muscle this time. …


Resting between sets doesn’t have to mean vegging out. Here’s what to do to make more gains during your downtime. By Sean Hyson   Get Antagonistic Whatever muscles you’re training, try stretching their antagonists—the muscles that oppose them—between sets. For …

Hate cardio? Try KettleWorX.

How to get a good cardio workout without setting foot on a treadmill.

Twice The Power

Want functional size in record time? Do these double-kettlebell moves.

Up In Arms

This ultra-effective exercise will give you bigger, stronger biceps.

Swing The Bells

Get ripped fast with our high-intensity kettlebell workouts.

Fighting Smart

How British UFC star Jimi Manuwa builds the strength to endure punishing fights.

Rise & Shine

Exercising in the morning is a sure-fire fat-burner.

The Muscle Matrix

Design a workout to hit your body’s weak points.

Sweating Mud

Try our tough obstacle-course workouts.