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Suunto 3 Fitness Review

First Impression: Suunto 3 Fitness. The first thing you notice about the Suunto 3 Fitness, the...

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Adventure Closer to the Sun

You thought the peak of Everest was Earth’s highest point? Think again. Damian Hall climbs to the heavens on the dormant Ecuadoran volcano Chimborazo.

10 Brutal CrossFit Workouts

Call it a cult, dangerous, crazy, whatevs...but CrossFit will get you as fit as finely tuned fiddle. Try one of these 10 Brutal CrossFit Workouts

Addicted to Porn

I think I’m a porn addict at 29. Truly, I jerk off to internet porn five or six times a day. I can’t stop doing it. I sneak into the men’s at work and use my phone. I preferred to wank than have sex with my now ex-girlfriend....

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