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150 Million Under Armour MyFitnessPal User Accounts Hacked

MyFitnessPal & Under Armour today announced that it is notifying users of MyFitnessPal – the company’s food and nutrition application and website – about a data security issue. The fitness world has been hit by a massive data breach. Under Armour’s app, MyFitnessPal, has been rocked by the announcement that MyFitnessPal app has been hacked and 150 million (at a minimum) user accounts have been hacked. An email sent to subscribers said that the breach had happened in late February. The company does not yet know who is responsible and said that, “Under Armour is working with leading data security...

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“I’ve Made More Than 3,000 Pornos. Here’s What I Eat.” What to Eat for Better Sex

By Christian Wians, a competitive US triathlete who professionally goes by the name “Christian XXX”, has starred in such adult films as Debbie Does Dallas…Again, Evil Angel, and others during his 20-year career.   In the morning, I always drink a banana-flavoured Muscle Milk for breakfast. I also finish the day with the same Muscle Milk. I’ll also take my vitamins and supplements. I’ll take zinc and hemodilator (nitric oxide), mostly in capsule form, which increase my sperm supply, and tribulus, which ups my libido. Also, I’ll add calcium and saw palmetto ( a palm rich in fatty acids...

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Rules to Eat By: 5 Simple Strategies for Consistent Clean Eating

Clean eating is easier than most people think. All you have to do is follow this blueprint for healthy eating and you’ll burn fat, increase your longevity, sleep better and have better sex. What’s not to like? 1. Don’t eat anything your grandma wouldn’t recognise as food There are thousands of “foodish” products in supermarkets that our ancestors wouldn’t recognise as food. They are processed in ways specifically designed to get us to buy and eat more by pressing our evolutionary buttons — our natural preference for sweet, salty and fatty foods. These tastes are hard to find in...

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Endurance Lessons From the Ancient Runners

How modern ultrarunner Dean Karnazes learned to run like the original ancient runners Karnazes at a glance Winner, Death Valley Badwater Ultramarathon, 2004 Winner, Vermont Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run, 2006 Ran a marathon in each of the 50 states of the USA in 50 consecutive days, 2006 Winner, 4 Deserts Race Series, 2008 Ran 4800km from Disneyland to New York City in 75 days, 2011 The Ancient Greek messenger Pheidippides is known as the inspiration behind the marathon, having supposedly run 40km from Marathon to Athens in 490BC to carry news of Greece’s victory – but he also...

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Becoming a Runner: How to Start Running

Whether you want to try running competitively for the first time or just get back into it after a lull, trust an expert trainer: Starting slow is the smartest — OK, the only — way to go. By Stuart Calderwood You can run pretty much anywhere, with pretty much no equipment. So it must be easy to start – just put one foot in front of the other, right? Not quite. Starting a new training program, like most things, is stepping into unfamiliar territory. You’re eager but unsure, excited but potentially error-prone. Most guys start out too hard, which...

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