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Just one day of fatty cheat foods could mess with your insulin production

Binging on food—whether during a Sunday football showdown or during the holidays with the family—is never a great idea. Even if you try to offset the occasional burger splurge with some follow-up exercise or extra attention to the crudité plate, there's no denying...

Don’t panic or anything, but tattoos could actually poison you

There are many things you should consider before getting a tattoo: Are you drunk with your buddies in the Cross? Will you regret having it done 10 years from now (or even tomorrow)? Are you getting it done by a sketchy artist in a basement that smells like arse and...

Energy To Burn: 8 Activities’ Food Needs

Knowing what and when to eat before, during and after a workout, ride, fight or game will allow you to perform at your peak.

Sexual Performance: 9 Limiting Factors

Nine things wrecking your sexual performance — and how to fix them fast.

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