Billy Slater

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Winners are grinners
How Billy Slater stays at the top of his game, week after week.
Train for a marathon
Is on your bucket list. Hell, it’s on just about every fit guys bucket list. Here’s everything you need to know to get yourself ready for the race of a lifetime.
Weight loss
Is your diet edging you towards a glacial-paced suicide mission or can you get lean the healthy way?
Bust out of that rut
Here’s how to bust out of a slump – at the gym, at work or just with life in general.
Solitary man
Australian men are lonely, and it’s doing a number on our health. Here’s how to stop it.
Death by chocolate
Some foods might appear all sweet and nice and healthy, but beneath their innocent-looking exteriors lurk minds of murderous intent.


Why go long?
Cardio that sucks a little less.
Stay in control
Six steps to keep your diet on track.
Lift your game
Fix your ankles to fix your squat.
The beat goes on
Surprising benefits of listening to music.
Water works
We bust some hydration myths.
Boosted biceps
You need to do more than just curls, bro.
Run for it
Running does more than just work up a sweat.
Fit food
Easy, tasty meals to fuel your muscles.

King of the mountain
Marathon mountain biker Brendan Johnston aims for his fourth Aussie title.


The Body Book

Add major muscle
Transform your body in just 28 days with this tough but rewarding plan.
Row your own
There’s more to rowing 
than strapping in and yanking the handle.
On the ropes
 with some great workouts. The simple skipping rope yields impressive results.
BB hip thrust
Sprint faster or squat 
heavier with this exercise.
PLUS: Add size
 Sculpt bigger and stronger shoulders to create that V-shaped torso.
Seated pull
Part cardio, part strength move and much more

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