Australia’s largest health and wellness retailer Healthy Life has drawn on the knowledge and expertise of its nationwide army of qualified health experts to compile a Silly Season Survival Guide for Australians this summer.

Summer ‘tis the season to be jolly and while Christmas is a time for celebration, Nutritionist & Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner at Healthy Life Liverpool, Carmen Alvarado, said it doesn’t have to come at a cost to Australians’ health and wellbeing.
As the experts in natural health solutions, most Healthy Life staff have or are studying a health-related tertiary qualification. After scouring its 50-plus nationwide stores for the best natural health tips from its pool of naturopaths, nutritionists and dieticians, Healthy Life has revealed the best tips for Australians wanting to stay healthy and energised over the holidays.

“The good news is that you don’t have to put on weight just because it’s Christmas, you can stay energised even with your routine out of whack and you can have healthy, glowing skin even after a few big nights out and long days in the sun,” Carmen said.

Some tips from Healthy Life’s Silly Season Survival Guide:

 The Ultimate Hangover Cure


From Nutritionist & Store Manager at Healthy Life Werribee, Courtney Wilkinson:

“For a great post-party liver detox combine a magnesium, mineral and B vitamin complex powder with N-acetyl cysteine in a tall glass of water and drink with your breakfast. My favourite brands include Herbs of Gold Muscle Resuscitation, Fusion Magnesium Advanced and Mediherb N-Acetyl Cysteine, which are all available in store.”

From Nutritionist from Healthy Life’s Support Office, Madeleine Memmolo:

“If you have a few too many glasses of bubbly, take a B vitamin complex to help prevent a hangover or try swapping out alcoholic drinks for Kombucha, Remedy’s Ginger & Lemon is a cool refreshing drink on a summer’s day, that will also boost digestion. Try to maintain at least two alcohol free days a week.”


Keep The Christmas kilos off


From Nutritionist and Cluster Manager – Western Sydney at Healthy Life, Cayte Moxom:

“Try avoiding chips and dips at parties, include protein in every meal to stave off sugar cravings and provide sustained energy throughout the day, and on the occasions that you do indulge in refined carbohydrates – such as pasta, pastries, cakes and biscuits – take a slippery elm supplement after meals to help reduce irritation and inflammation of the digestive tract. Having a cup of warm water with lemon juice about half an hour before a meal can also stimulate digestion and prevent bloating.”

Erika Morvay from Fusion Health’s Technical Services and Education team:

“In traditional Chinese medicine, the bark of the Magnolia tree is used to relieve digestive symptoms such as indigestion and reflux. And don’t underestimate the power of probiotics and digestive enzymes, which can help breakdown fats, carbohydrates and protein, providing relief from digestive complaints.”

From Exercise Scientist, Educator & Personal Trainer at Healthy Life Waverley Gardens, Linda Mrkic:

“Try to avoid endless nibbling. Move the bread and chips away from where you are sitting so you have to physically get up to eat something. Keep up your regular exercise routine. Exercise is not something you should give up during the busy Christmas period. Every little bit helps so even making sure you get in 10,000 steps a day will help ward of the Christmas kilos. It’s also a great time of year to dance.


Holy Herbs to Soothe Silly Season Stress

From Erika Morvay from Fusion Health’s Technical Services and Education team:

“If you find the holidays and everything they involve a bit overwhelming, Sacred Basil helps relieve stress symptoms like forgetfulness, fatigue and sleeping problems; Withania is traditionally regarded as being both energising and calming, without having sedative properties and can help anyone feeling mildly anxious, irritable or experiencing nervous tension; and Polygala has calming properties helping to relieve symptoms like restlessness and mild anxiety.”

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