There’s no doubt that the Predator franchise is home to some of the bestone-liners in cinematic history, and the most recent edition The Predator is no different. The filmsare the picture-perfect divergence of action movie bravo and science fiction,and the writers have a once in a lifetime opportunity to curate dialogue forchasing an alien hunter across the USA. Below are our list of the 7 bestone-liners…

  1. “He’s more like… a bass fisherman” – Casey

In mere moments Olivia Munn is able to breakdown a franchise worth of misinformation, as predators hunt for food, and don’t travel intergalactically to go on safari to hunt humans.

  • “Gentlemen, they’re large, they’re fast, and f—ing you up is their idea of tourism” – Traeger

It’s almost as iconic as the Predator itself, the moment the alien slaughters start getting taken seriously, Sterling K Brown’s is the perfect balance of crisp and mirth.

  • “Figured something out, I think we’re going to die! Just pointing it out!” – Baxley

You can’t even call this a ponderous moment, really Thomas Jane’s just one-upping Sterling K Brown one-liner with an honest evaluation of the situation.

  • “Hoo, shit! I told you she’d pull the trigger! I should’a bet you that time!” – Coyle

Keegan-Michael Key brought a breath of fresh air to the Predator franchise with his direct and relevant humour, in one of the least relatable scenarios.

  • “Do you have a plan? Ex-sniper with PTSD and a team that’s mental? You’re insane, right?” – Casey

Here comes Olivia Munn with another truth bomb, drawing a little more attention to the dysfunction of the rag-tag crew saving the human population from an alien invasion.

  • “Predators don’t just sit around making hats out of ribcages. They conquered space.” – Traeger

He might be the guy poking and prodding these slimy buggers, but there’s no doubt Sterling K Brown’s got some mad respect for these serial killing creatures.

  • “If your mom’s vagina were a video game it’d be rated E for Everyone.” – Coyle

Whether you’ve got an obscure knowledge of gaming rating systems or not, Keegan-Michael Key’s one liner has everyone kneeling in stitches.

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