Did Buddha Do Burpees? Finding Meaning in Routine Exercise

I think he did. Lots of them, everyday. It’s my theory because there’s this curious practice in Buddhism today where the practitioner moves their clasped hands from head to neck to heart, then kneels before laying flat on their stomach, hands extended in front. Then...

A Week to Peak

A Week to Peak

You’ve been eating clean and hitting the gym for months. Now put the final touches on your new physique in just a week. By Andrew Gutman If you hover in the 10% body-fat range, you’re in prime position to show off a lean look with visible abs. But getting a fitness...

Legs: Building tree trunks

Legs: Building tree trunks

Use circuit training to whip your lower half into shape. Don’t neglect your legs in favour of more chest and arm workouts!

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