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Triathlon in 8 Weeks:

Go from couch to competitor in just eight weeks.

15 Ways To Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Avoid Injury.

Top trainers in pro sports tell you how to build muscle, lose fat and avoid injury.

25 reasons the gym is better than running

Running has its place. it's a fine sport, but the gym's a better option for training. Here we bring you the 25 reasons the gym is way better than running. But, we're not being contradictory. Hear us out. The truth is, both going to the gym and running are great ways...

Legs: Building tree trunks

Use circuit training to whip your lower half into shape. Don’t neglect your legs in favour of more chest and arm workouts!

Train While Travelling. The Fit Hotel Room

Training while travelling is notoriously hard. Hotel gyms usually consist of a few dumbbells, a flat Swiss ball and treadmill that doesn’t work. And often they only operate between certain hours. Finally, a hotel chain has pioneered a room that comes with its own...

Trainer Q&A: How often should I train my abs?

Q: How often should I train my abs? A: The quest for the elusive six-pack often leaves guys hitting their midsection hard after every workout thinking more will inevitably be better. The truth is that your abdominals are just like any other muscle in your body. They...

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Did Buddha Do Burpees? Finding Meaning in Routine Exercise

Did Buddha Do Burpees? Finding Meaning in Routine Exercise

I think he did. Lots of them, everyday. It’s my theory because there’s this curious practice in Buddhism today where the practitioner moves their clasped hands from head to neck to heart, then kneels before laying flat on their stomach, hands extended in front. Then...

25 ways to get bigger

25 ways to get bigger

Every guy who walks into the gym has an aspiration to get bigger. That presents the gym-going guy with an age-old problem: How do you do it?