Finding eyewear that looks appropriate in the gym, at work then to the bar is a tough call. You need durability, functionality and comfort neatly  packaged in an elegant, simple and handsome package. Not an easy order to fill. You’ll need glasses that can hold fast in bent-over rows as well as a Monday morning WIP and Friday night drinks. They will have to look fine with a well-cut suit or sweat-soaked workout shirt.

You’d be hard pressed to find better solution than with Oakley. Oakley’s range of prescription frames available at OPSM are technologically far more advanced than anything else on the market. If you like the semi rimless look, then you can’t go past the Latch Key range, a frame that comes with a handy kick-up latch hinge that clips to your shirt. They have that stylish man-about-town look, but wouldn’t look out of place in a CrossFit gym either. Alternatively, the Base Plane are full-framed, but so light and firm on the face, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.So if you are in the market for glasses, OPSM is the place to go to get the full Oakley prescription lens and frame package.