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Bench-press Improvement Workout: FREE Downloadable Workout

In just four weeks, you’ll be lifting more in the most popular move in the gym – without hitting the bench!

Arm Workouts For Big Guns

Big Guns At Last – Get pumped with an approach you’ve never tried.

Legs: Building tree trunks

Use circuit training to whip your lower half into shape. Don’t neglect your legs in favour of more chest and arm workouts!

Supersets: A Beginner’s Guide

Supersets sound super hard. They’re not. But there is some confusion among newcomers as to what a superset actually is.

Ripped in 15 Weeks: You Can Do It

Shed fat and stack on muscle in just 15 weeks with this proven fitness plan.

8 Sure-Fire Tips to Lift Another 10kgs, Today

Follow these eight tips and you’ll increase your lifts by 10kg.

Kettlebells Workout: Build Iron Strength

Leading strength coach Mike Mahler shows us how to use kettlebells with confidence.

10 intense battle rope moves that’ll transform your entire body

Battle ropes are one of the most effective ways to tone muscles, make your workouts metabolic, and sneak in some cardio. Danielle Hopkins, a master trainer at Printing House Equinox in New York City and the creator of the gym’s Ropes & Rowers program has created a...

Clean and Press Workout

No, don’t get out the ironing board – instead, master this often-ignored classic lift to reap total-body benefits.

Ride Your Workout: Get Fit and Have Fun by Cycling to Work

Become a bike commuter and reap the benefits of good health and a happy life

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Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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How to get better at pullups

How to get better at pullups

The pullup is a simple exercise, but it's one that works. Lat pulldowns pale in comparison to the mighty pullup. Working on a lat machine doesn’t activate as many muscles as getting your chin over the bar—and it looks way less impressive. If you want a big, strong...


Kettlebell Meltdown 300 Workout. Local & National weight loss and performance contest 2008. Complete the designated number of reps per exercise as fast as you can. Time to Beat 11:16 with a 24 kg kettlebell.

Pro golfer Adam Scott is always ready for his next game, and UNIQLO SPORT gets him ready for everything else.